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Janne Nummela (2017)
KIMESPAI / КИМЕСПАЙ Janne Nummela album "Kimespai" collects and deconstructs diversity of the materials he has used he's previous albums. It is kind of acousmatic collage from the large materials produced by self-programmed (MSP-Max based) composition tool during years 2013-2016. On human controlled real-time composition processes sound feedback is produced by synthesizers, physical models and sampled instruments.

Релиз на Meticulous midgets: Janne Nummela - KIMESPAI

Cover of the album refers to the martial arts. Up left corner drone-wasp penetrating into the wasps nest. The helicopter's wings apparently have broken the nest. Down right corner real knight of swords (or later update drone) is ready for the attack. But it will be impotent with its poison against rough steam punk machine.

In martial arts, maintain harmony minimizes need of use force. Disharmony asks infinite amount of energy. Disharmony is anti-perpetuum mobile, which sucks all the energy and then – paralyzed. It is more like a closed node of the short seller him self than harmonic movements between two beautifully strong dragons.

Rather than for gently fighting dragons, the album would be sound track for someone who witnessing the dragons with fear and without conscious interpretation. One could ask: whether this is opening or suppressing process? As entirely experimental art, without predefined genre of label, it could be underworld labyrinth without door to light. But this is not meditation music, as usual sense. It rather manifests sonic impermeability, imperviousness, ejection, repellence, antiabsorptiveness, but also polyphonic and melodic immersiveness.

Word "Kimespai" is taken from G. I. Gurdjieff's book All and Everything. The meaning of which G gave it was: Never-Allowing-One-to-Sleep-in-Peace. If you fell a sleep to the lotus position, self-mummification could be the next level. Before that you may find the album as interesting journey. This is how it feels about.

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