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Lisa Miles

Lisa Miles Лиза Майлс (Lisa Miles) - авангардная скрипачка из Питтсбурга (США), играет на электроскрипке и мандолине.

Стиль: atmospheric industrial ambient, dark ambient, post punk

Страница релиза на Meticulous midgets:

Lisa Miles - Dark Edge Ambient/Industrial Post Punk

Lisa Gorgeous-but-deadly electric violin & mandolin. Lisa is a classically trained professional steeped in punk underground tradition. Her original work ranges from dark, edgy, textured, dissonant, uniquely rhythmic... to spacious, haunting and distorted (live instrument soundscape).

Driving and atmospheric industrial ambient sound as well as spirited, inventive, heavy chordal and lush dark pieces composed for acoustic strings (violin w/cello, bass) - many done in collaboration w/ dancers, filmmakers and theatre artists as well as solo performance set. Lisa's been creating a ton of new solo material in 2015 and newly collaborating with other artists. She has recently embarked upon a collaboration with the Greek band "Come With Reverse," as well as a side soundtrack project with keyboardist Alex Passalides. Lisa's had numerous previous collabs w/others.

See her website www.lisamilesviolin.com for full detail and SoundCloud for full discography. You can stream her work on Soundcloud and buy downloads via Bandcamp.

"Cinematic, very visual." ~ "Soundtrack worthy - all." Lisa is interested in soundtrack /other commissions (large or small project) and licensing of these original works for film, theatre, dance and the like. Contact lisamilesviolin@comcast.net for any usage/ general inquiries.

Licensing inquiries welcome - Original music pre-cleared, all sync & master controlled. Her Formative Influences: Clash, Joy Division, Nick Cave, Swans, World of Skin, Gun Club, early Cure, Live Skull… Shostakovich.

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