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Samy Ben Rabah
Михаил Медведев / Mikhail Medvedev
Unearth Noise
Марко Луччи / Marco Lucchi
Somebody Bo (Александр Бождай)
Luciole Langevine (Anne Couëdel)
TIJ (The Inconsistent Jukebox)
Steve Layton
The Black Diamond Train
Хенрик Мейеркорд / Henrik Meierkord
Deep Man (Laurent Donckers)
Библиотека состояний / State Library
Eco Rem (Pedro Acevedo)
Dead Lincoln (Theresa Flores)
Анхель Онтальва / Ángel Ontalva
Виктор Малышко
Pro.Tone (Patrick Frey)
Ясный - Svetly
Vitamin.D.D.Fish In Sea
sokpb avabodha
Нюра Заяц / Anna Zayats
Александр Зузук / Deerevnia / Not So Evil
Гаутам Карник / Gautam Karnik
Assembly of honey
Zach Schneider
Шумилов Бор
Янне Нуммела / Janne Nummela
Crazy Compass
Vincent Eoppolo
Главная » Музыкальные альбомы » Vitamin.D.D.Fish » lo fi petit pois and pies from the sky's eyes (man thighs and the sighs of the polite)

lo fi petit pois and pies from the sky's eyes (man thighs and the sighs of the polite)

Vitamin.D.D.Fish In Sea (2018)
lo fi petit pois and pies from the sky's eyes (man thighs and the sighs of the polite) Новое собрание скетчей Vitamin.D.D.Fish In Sea - песни, которые не оставят равнодушным настоящего меломана!

Релиз: Vitamin.D.D.Fish In Sea - lo fi petit pois and pies from the sky's eyes (man thighs and the sighs of the polite)

Ниже - тексты песен на родном английском
(орфография и пунктуация - авторские)


Y'know that it's easy to believe in words
They're written in front of you to read
Y'know that it's easy to believe in love
When some fucker sez that's all you need
Do you really think that's all that you need?

So why don't Y' live
Y'know they made it sound easy
So why don't you read
Between the lines I'm feeding

Y'know now
Y'know it's only lies that we're feeding ya

Y'know that it's easy to believe in arms
Seeing em flapping on your screen
Y'know that it's easy to believe in blood
Y' gonna believe it when ya bleed
And everybody that you know is bleeding

So why don't ya leave
Believe the life that you are leading
So why don't ya feel
That you've been living a life without meaning


Stretch out
Reach out
Come on and shake all them cobwebs about!

April Unitune

April fool
How i loves ya
You are so cruel
For a day
Unicorn horn in the morn
Rainbows follow in your wake

When i feel forlorn all i have ta do is think about ya
You'z so cool I haz to say
Pegasus sings on through the night sky
Angel spread your wings


Peering into Abyss
You take your last breath
Realize all your hatred had been such a waste of it
All the fear that you felt
The deals that you've dealt
Oh what a fool
And it's too late to change it

If we're coming back around again
How come no(-one's) memory remains?
Do we simply sail on
Away to another dream,
To another game

Let's pour some more mistakes
Into another dream
Sail away
Sail away
Sail on


Looking out
The window
I see their gnashers foam
Land is sliding slowly
We are the glowing coals
A crescendo
Red is flowing
Flooding through the walls
The flesh is falling
Upon the knees
A crawl
Spider fingers clawing
Up from the forest floors
Strokes the Gasclouds
Dark Kiss
Upon your breath you draw
Eyes melt into blood
Bodies furled to mud
With the truss decaying
She's so beautiful
Look through all the windows
Broken beautiful tonight

Ivor Doggashitameesh

there's a trench round this town
the toll at the bridge
some peoples wear thin
some peoples wear rich
ooh hoo
you fought with your pants down
heads rolled in the ditch
hi ho fee fi fo fum
you fingered the switch
ooh hoo
you're telling the best jokes
so tell me the best joke

Eat Your Massive Floor Pea, Idiot

Born with chronic face ache
Howling at the break of day
Feeling funky, wicked till them lollies made my teeth decay
Been on the piss take
Now my wake gave way to pain
I'm the oldest goth in town
In my black dressing gown
Ok i made miserable my hobby
Ole said the midget in the lobby with a sombrero on
Is that a cherry or a pimple
Think i gone and broke bone in my tiny think hole

I'll turn your smile upside down and give you a frown

Boo hoo wah wah
Doing a cry
Boo hooo
Hoody hooody
Him off Hi De HI
Yeah you know Ted Bovis' quiff
As if it is
But it is though
You know you Know

I'll turn your smile upside down now
Show me your bestest frown!

Eat your
Floor pea


it's a fashion war
but time isn't on your side
TV bust your bone
the cinema in your eyes

close your eyes...low
So away we go
our guns carried by our sides
although your back is broke
you march on the lonely line

close your eyes
walk the line

Partied out and whored
your teeth have been auctioned high
ghost you are afloat
washed up by the riverside

A Song About Mercury

my head is full of mercury
there's mercury inside of me
my brain, it swims in quicksilver
heavy metal's in my physiology

i'm full of mercury

my head is full of mercury
murky murky murky murky
my brain is slipping
"ow! my knee!"
mercury inside of me

what am i supposed to do with that?


you, us, them
what are we all about
i been leaving luck to heaven
o lord
what am i on about?? :-/

Crash Test

Bend down low
Let me tell you what i know
That's not much Man
Let's just have another lash then

See how many we can sink
Afore our brains begin to shrink
There's nothing right
There's nothing wrong
No simple man alive can avoid this one
Woa no!

Bend down low
We can watch the flowers grow
Cold winds blow
Sky shrooms bloom over the Capitals

See how many we can sink
Before we're toasted in our skins
There's nothing right
There's nothing wrong
So drink up cos we don't got long
Woa no!
Hey ho
So long!

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