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PlushAndPlastix - lyrics (тексты песен группы Plush And Plastix)

Товарищи из фан-клуба группы plushandplastix давно мечтали заполучить печатные тексты песен этого феерического коллектива, чтобы разобраться, о чем же там все-таки поется. И вот такая возможность есть. Держите, друзья! Нам удалось добыть несколько текстов (девять авторских отпечатков, орфография и пунктуация сохранены, не исключен йоркширский диалект), а переводчиком вы уж воспользуйтесь сами - по необходимости.

Напоминаем, где находится релиз и прочая инфа:
Plush And Plastix (компиляция Meticulous midgets)

Весь альбом собственно можно послушать прямо здесь.
А полное собрание сочинений вы найдете на странице группы в soundcloud



i am serious

i'm serious
so serious
its verging on the ridiculous
activities autonomous
complete a task and i'll tick your box
it's a theory test - intermediate
all the rules are bent but they are for your best
i'm serious
no fooling you

you can't save me now
lord help me out
old training ground stuck in the head
you can't train me up
i read the book
i make it up off the top of my head

i'm serious you humanoids
i've lost my sense of humour boys
i've taken all these rules to heart
i swapped my soul for a graph and a chart
climb over you -
a friend or two
promote me where i might be going to
i'm serious
now i'm the boss!

humma na nah
hummana yummana ))


maybe you only get one take
take it over and over and over again
ten takes 'Tunny' waking up from a dream
in a dream,in a dream
is a dream within a dream?
old regime got me bled like a pig
like a pig in a pen
is the pen stronger that a gun
give one (or two) fingers to the meat machine
mash you up like a sausage and spew you back out again

i'm settled in my mind
'cause i can't settle the score
i'm coming around from a dream i was in before

long live the humans!

21st century schizoid pleb

i've had a scare of lately
it's doing me in
the voice in the radio
couldn't tune in
i put on my wellybobs (yorkshire for wellington boots..)
gardening gloves
ready to venture out pruning my shrubs
two minutes later i'm stood in a trench
network of tunnels with re-inforced lead
in my confusion i realised then, i'd accidentally armored my shed

i'm gonna hold out in my armoured shed
guns on a turret
6 ft 6 fence
stand on my patio i'll blow off your head
21st century mamamamamamamamaamaaaaaa!!

bought me a palette of value beans
power the lights on lower intestines
lavatory tube self sufficiency
one man
one shed
and an armory
has it been days,weeks or maybe a year?
i couldn't care less 'cause i'm safer in here
up periscope in the hole in the lid
one man army in my armored shed

21st century schizoid pleb
don't fuck about i've got an armored shed

my armored shed!!!!


there is a veil fallen down over me
and over thee
all the red mist sets like a strawberry hartley's jelly ( a well known brand over here)
open your drawers hand to me cutlery
eat the jelly
it's quite healthy that gelatine

to make a trifle you 1st need a sponge you see
custard, fresh cream
and as we soak it all up we're too blind to see the tyranee
open your minds you can set your arse free

eat that jelly
it's not solid

that gelatine
it's alcohol
its alcatraz
its alka seltza
its al qaeda
its allapecia
its altzheimas disease
it's alton towers
its all the media
it's alchemy


gone tomorrow
here today
yesterday was always in my head
one for sorrow
two for joy
clock gears like a wind up toy
how long did that second last?
how long did that third one pass away?
in my mind i measure it but those increments dont seem to stay the same
the same

hour glasses
grains of dust
still moving slowly as they rest
slow motion
there is no still life
a polaroid fading over time
i was once that little boy
once again i'm gonna convalesce
stretched over that river flowing
bridged over the precipice


take me down
pull me down
lead me to my gravestone
rain opens up a fir cone
and you know the storm waits for the walk home

take me down
pull me down
link into my brainstorm
it opens up a portal
and you know the storm is for the war come

take me down
pull me down
lead me to a bravestar
he opens up a wormhole
and you know the star waits for the warp

we make the choices

keep your heads down
and your voices
dont make noises
we make the choices
its for your benefit
its to keep you fit
keep your work on
till you're broken

i want to retire!
i dont want to die here!!

60billion dollar man

come and take a ride on the bendy bus
come into the future - hover cars
city of the future - visualise
look into the future
use your mind


i can see the future in your eyes
powered by the future
personal computers, they signal us
tell us theyve prepared us a future breakfast

i am the electric citizen
i'm a 60 billion dollar man

meaty tasty plates of electricity boiiiiing!

wholly jeebus

ho hey ho
we're ruff
we;re tuff
we're basically new kids on the block haha

umpa lumpa doopity doo
morals and dogma
orders and rules
watching with mother
muppets and mules
we're all reduced
boiled bubbled and stewed
what do you get from the bbc?
strobelights in your eyes sent to terrorize thee
children are sharks stalking floods in the streets
frogmen with webcams demanding I.D supposedly,

Granddad's got shank
he's off to aldi taking a tank
what did he get when he opened 'The Sun'?
a huge british bulldog tattood on his rectum
umpa lumpa doopitee dee
if you arfe wise dont listen to me
you could live in happiness too
like those beckhams and the windsors do

holy jeebus
i am the monkey
im not a believer in dogma or morons
holy mo jamma
mind bending yo mother
induced paranoi- apples
people destroyer

if i was a rich man
i would build me a citadel
tell all those gaffers to go fuck themselves
if i was a rich man
id lose all the worries in the world
if i was a wealthy girl

2017-04-06 | Др. публикации

Meticulous midgets

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